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Apple iPhone 4.0 Feature list

Apple are holding a developer preview session to announce all the new features of version 4.0 of the iPhone operation system.

Expectations are high for multitasking as part of the 4.0 release, along with an Apple operated advertising network built for the iPhone. Read on to see what is announced.


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BullyingUK Launch an iPhone App


Now I know I'm rightly biased but I love @BullyingUK's new iPhone application, not just because it looks great and works wonderfully but also because it was cheap to create using AppMakr. I will have a full HowTo guide to building your own charity iPhone app using AppMakr this weekend.

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Tetris for iPhone

Tetris is now on your iPhone and just as addictive and fun as you remember it possibly a little more so now you can swipe your finger on the screen to interact with your game board.

A classic from the Gamboy era and now brought into full colour on your iPhone Tetris has stood the test of time as one of the first and greatest video games ever invented.


Swipe your fingers on the screen to move blocks down, tap to rotate and you can even side store a block for later use.

Get your Tetris on at the iTunes store now.

The Simpsons Arcade for iPhone


Ahhh when I was a lad I remember spending more than a few quid playing The Simpson in my local Arcade.

Well EA seem to of realised that this little bit of  Arcade gold was crying out for an iPhone make over.

The game has changed a fair bit from it's original Arcade version, now you play only as Homer and the rest of the family act as cool special powers you can activate along the way.


Combat is the usual BeatEMup style side ways scrolling game play of old and the on screen joypad and action buttons work well with only occasional bit of air punching becoming a problem.

The graphics are very nice to look at with detailed animations and are in the usual Simpsons style, the frame rate holds up well but theirs not a lot here to stress your phone.

The_Simpsons_iPhone_Homer_Mail_Box_Attack The_Simpsons_iPhone_Homer_attack

Special mention has to be made to the cut scenes and use of The Simpson's huge cast to create a really fun game and a great little Simpson's story.

You can get it now from the iTunes Store.

TubeMap for iPhone

Not sure about you but I spend a fair bit of time on the London Tube system, so it's great to have an app on my iPhone that allows me to keep up to date on delays or cancellations and helps me get to those seldom visited tube stations outside the capital.

Enter TubeMap it's simple but very effective, allowing you to plot which tube stops you need to change at and alerts you to delays or cancellations on the network, a real time saver.


You can get TubeMap from the iTunes app store now.