Google Wave

Google Wave for ALL

waveiconWOOHOO Google have announced that Wave it's collaborative authoring service is now available to everyone, since Wave was released as invite only Google have fixed a huge number of bugs and added loads of user requested features.

Go ahead and check it out and head over here for a complete set of Google Wave guides to get you started.

Wave is a fantastic way to collaborate around any topic with your contacts, you can add Video Conferencing and other great addons via the Gadgets and Robots.

As one of the early wave adopters I still use it every day, it provides me with an easy way to throw ideas around with people and more importantly threaded in an easy to follow way.

Email Notifications in Google Wave

I know for many people Google Wave was a bit of a miss as far as useful was concerned, well this may make things more useful to you. The Google Wave team have enabled Email notifications so just like buzz you can get an email when a wave is updated.

You can choose the frequency of the notifications between instantly to daily updates, you will only get one update for each Wave so at least you won't get drowned in notifications.

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Restore your Google Wave using Playback

The Google Wave team have added a way to restore your Wave to an earlier time, using the Playback tool move through your wave to the point you would like to restore to and the click restore.

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Google Wave adds Read-Only wave Participants

Great news, at long last you can add Read-Only wave participants. These users can only read a wave they have no ability to add to or edit a wave and that includes Robots and Gadgets.

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Google Wave gets an Undo option

One of the most requested features, some might say expected features is a way to Undo a change you make to a wave. The Google Wave team have responded and now if you use the Keyboard command CTRL+Z it will undo the last change you made.


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