So after a few days of Buzz, a rant and then time to think and experiment and actually Buzz shows a fair amount of promise. Google have been quick to roll out fixes and new features in response to the community including a revamp to the way privacy and discovery of buzz contacts will work.

In my Sunday ramble this week I wanted to share some observations I have made over the last few days about Google Buzz.

    What works on Twitter/Facebook works on Buzz

    If I ask people to show their support on Twitter by retweeting they will and we get more followers, the same works perfectly well on Buzz. Ask your Buzz followers to LIKE or Comment an Update and they will, alerting all their friends to your existence! Went from 34 friends to 52 friends yesterday using this.

    Twitter feeds in Buzz SUCK!

    Seriously annoying seeing Twitter updates in your Buzz stream and feel like noise instantly, turned @BullyingUK 's Twitter feed to Buzz off as have many other buzz users. Either Google need to fix it or Ettiquett looks to say NO Tweets in Buzz.

    Buzz A fusion of Forum and Status Updates

    With Twitter or Facebook the message always seems to be keep it short but on Buzz much much longer and more detailed conversations seem to break out even around short updates, the speed of the comments and the way your main Gmail inbox keeps track of threads you are interacting with is very clever and actually not as annoying or "OverLoad" as you might think.

    Interestingly I have yet to see any meaningful conversations around automatically posted Twitter Tweets into buzz streams... see above.

    Mobile.Buzz could Kill Foursquare dead.

    If I thought Google Latitude was great before now that its rolled into Buzz it becomes the killer feature of Buzz on your phone, updates you post can be tagged with your location data flicking to the Map view will show you updates of every Buzz user around you geographically and that of your friends!

    Foursquare and other location based services are going to have to innovate fast or take my advice and pull the Buzz api into your services fast, Buzz is the service that is going to make Location Based games and services explode in the minds of the general public over the next 12 months.