What is your charities name and Mission?
Women’s Resource Centre. @WhyWomen We’re an umbrella organisation for women’s organisations and projects that work with women. We support women’s organisations to be more effective and sustainable. We provide training, resources and support to women's organisations and we campaign and lobby on key issues for the sector.

How long have you been using Twitter and who's idea was it?
We’ve been using Twitter for about a year, and it was the brilliant idea of our Head of Communications, Leah Williams. Leah was inspired by a CharityComms presentation given by Rachel Beer.

What have you enjoyed so far whilst using Twitter?

So much! It’s been great finding other women’s organisations on Twitter, keeping up to date with what they’re doing, putting them in touch with each other, and raising awareness of the great work they do. We’ve also made touch with lots of lovely supporters and people who are interested in women’s organisations – there are lots of them out there, and now they’re following us!

Has there been an incidents of followers doing something wonderful for you?
In general, people have been very generous with their time and support. We’ve been encouraging women’s organisations to join Twitter, and people have been very nice, saying hello to them and helping them out. We’ve also had people offering donations to our members or volunteering their time and support.

What has been your biggest challenge to date?

Nothing major really. Perhaps just adjusting the working day to incorporate Twitter and other social media – people really do expect quick responses and a regular presence. Being involved in such an ‘open’ medium, where people feel very empowered to contact you, support you and challenge you, is fantastic, but it can feel quite an exposed position for charities that aren’t used to working in that way.

Do you have a Twitter tip for other charities?

It’s quite a serious one, but important: Twitter can take up a lot of time (if not all your time) if you let it. To make sure your tweeting is having the maximum impact for your charity, go back to your strategic aims and think about how Twitter (and social media in general) can help you to meet those aims. Twitter isn’t just a shiny new toy – it can really help you to achieve your aims.

For example, at WRC one of our aims is to network women’s organisations to help them work better together and support each other – Twitter is a natural tool for this. We also use it to let people know about the important work done by women’s organisations across the country. So… although Twitter can also be a lot of fun, I’d say that charities should keep a firm eye on what they’re trying to achieve, otherwise it will eat up your life!