What is your charities name and Mission?
We’re Valley Public Radio @KVPR, a public radio station serving Central California, USA. Our mission is to serve expanding audiences through quality communication services that are informative, innovative, educational and stimulating. Programming is expected to expand the listener's awareness of his/her world, and to present that which the listener may not know exists.

How long have you been using Twitter and whose idea was it?

We began using Twitter at the beginning of 2009 – February, I think. Our first posts were by our Membership Manager, who is still the principal user of the KVPR Twitter account.

What have you enjoyed so far whilst using Twitter?
We’ve enjoyed meeting a lot of followers, many of whom we didn’t realize were such regular listeners to our radio broadcast. For the most part, our followers on Twitter are not station members, and it’s been very enjoyable to meet what is, for us, a new audience.

Has there been an incident of a follower(s) doing something wonderful for you?

We’ve had followers help to promote concerts, programming and ticket giveaways by using their networks to re-tweet our information. We also had a local video blogger offer to feature one of our local program hosts on her video blog.

What has been your biggest challenge to date?

Our biggest Twitter challenge has been finding enough time to cultivate and build relationships with our Twitter followers. We operate on a small staff (10 full-time employees) and each already wears multiple hats. We’re committed to expanding our social media skill set, though!

Do you have a Twitter tip for other charities?

Twitter is a wonderful tool for connecting with your supporters. The trick for Valley Public Radio has been finding out what sort of conversation works best for our organization, then finding the people in the Twitterverse who are interested in that conversation. Most of the time – they’ll let YOU know who they are, so listen carefully.