What is your non-profits name and Mission?
I founded www.zero-credit.co.uk in June 2009 as a not for profit project - I am about to start exploring a more formal organisational structure towards possible charitable status in the longer term.  The mission is to eradicte the stigma of debt and to promote credit free living.

How long have you been using Twitter and who's idea was it?
I have been using twitter since the end of June 2009 - I kind of knew I'd have to take that step at some point but it was learning that only days earlier an American had already taken my ideal username: @zerocredit (and I had done loads of research into the domain etc) which prompted me to take the plunge ASAP

What have you enjoyed so far whilst using Twitter?
the empowerment of access to information.  I was in social research for 10 years before the last 10 which I have spent in teaching - it has given me back a currency of topicality which I thought would take far longer to achieve.  

Has their been an incidents of followers doing something wonderful for you?

loads - I have met some very supportive and influencial people without whom I should not have been able to disseminate so much information - from RTs, recommendations and advice to practical support with now redesigning my CMS (watch this space)

What has been your biggest challenge to date?
Time!  I work part time as a teacher because i need to pay my way.  I was holding off at going the funding applications route - I've financed and resourced everything I've done to date single handed - but the project has become bigger than I can manage under current arrangements so I am fortunate to have some offers of co-working to move it forward - again these contacts have all come about through Twitter, which is great because I had envisaged the project's being a predominantly online and virtual resource.

The other is, of course, the tragedy that whichever name you choose, if it's associated with debt folk assume you are a scoundrel!  I still get the odd block and "that doesn't affect me - I'm solvent".  Shame because these folk are THE most likely to suffer from stigma and use the wrong kinds of advice should they have difficulties - but I'll keep at it!

Do you have a Twitter tip for other charities?
supportive people are NFPtweetup, RobmDyson, Freshties excellent examples of different approaches to NFP
social media campaigns:  bullyinguk and pixel project

stop listing for #charitytuesday and #followfriday - go for a more personal approach with a reason