What is your charities name and Mission?
We are Guide Dogs UK (The Guide Dogs for the Blind Association) founded in 1934 to deliver mobility and access services that meet the needs and aspirations of blind and partially-sighted people in the United Kingdom.

The guide dogs service receives no government funding and relies totally on voluntary donations.

We have been providing guide dogs to blind and partially-sighted people for over 75 years; there are around 4,500 guide dog partnerships in the UK. We also fund major research projects aimed at enabling blind and partially-sighted people to make the best use of any remaining vision they may have.

How long have you been using Twitter and who's idea was it?
We started using Twitter this year as @GuideDogsUkPups (in Spring) and @GuideDogsUK (in late Autumn) to reach out to new supporters. That followed establishing a more organised presence on Facebook as well. We want to engage with our supporters, fundraisers, volunteers and with others interested in helping Guide Dogs.

What have you enjoyed so far whilst using Twitter?
It’s good to chat with our supporters. See what they’ve got to tell us and be able to answer their questions in almost real time. We are hoping more people will be able to learn about the ways we can help them and equally more will be able to support us in the ways that suit them best.

Have there been incidents of followers doing something wonderful for you?

We’ve had a very strong reaction to a recent attack on a guide dog in London with supporters expressing their concerns, extending words of support and offering donations across all social networks including Twitter.

We’re delighted to be able to report that the guide dog has made a full recovery.

What has been your biggest challenge to date?
Well, getting our message out to all our supporters has been challenging, but we're getting there with 587 @GuideDogsUKPups and 287 @GuideDogsUK followers and growing!

Do you have a Twitter tip for other charities?
Make sure you respond to all messages posted to you on your feed. Make sure you re-tweet worthy tweets by both your supporters and peers. And stay tuned in.