qrcodeMobile QR Barcodes are becoming the best way to link the offline world and online world via mobile phones. Any mobile phone with a camera should be capable of reading a QR code and accessing the information contained inside.

When you provide a QR code a user can scan the code and depending on the information you have chosen to put in the code carry out an action.

You might like to:

  • Include a link to a website (preferably mobile friendly)
  • Your Phone number or contact details
  • A txt to donate request with your short code details
  • A brand message or slogan
  • Add them to your signs and posters
  • Place them on your website
When a user scans the code they can then use the information in the most appropriate way to access your services.

I Love QR

I created an innovative use of QR for a project at BullyingUK worth a read if your interested in a more unique use for QR codes and a great example of linking the digital and real worlds we first added QR in 2008 long before it caught on in the west.

You don't need an Internet connection to use QR for offline features like phone numbers or address details, however if you include a web address then the user will need a data plan with their mobile phone to access the link. If the phone has Wifi then the user could use a wifi connection to access the link for little to no cost this may work well in museums and other public attractions where free wifi could be provided along side a QR campaign.

You can join my I love QR Facebook Page if you like, seriously I really love QR...

Mobile QR is catching on

It's already big in Japan  but has taken many years to reach us in the west, Pepsi have already run a huge campaign using QR, Google and Facebook will also soon go live with major uses of QR to unite the offline and online worlds using mobile phones to complete the circuit.

This technology is tried and tested and it's so simple to use that it's open to anyone with a camera phone, the question is are you ready to embrace the future of the convergence?