FaceBook_512x512With 400 Million Members Facebook has a huge presence on the web and it's full of socially conscious people that love to show their support for causes they care about.

Thing is time is limited so here are my favorite ways to use my time on Facebook to support good causes.

Become a Fan

Most charities have a Facebook Fan Page, their a great way to find out what's going on in the life of the non-profit and better yet you can post message on their wall to let them know you support the cause. If you want you can use the Suggest to Friends option to invite all your friends to become a fan a great way to help a charities Facebook page get wider attention.

Share Charity / Non-profit websites with your friends

When you find useful pages on a charities website, copy and paste the address and submit it to your Facebook stream using the link option under the Status window in Facebook. This will give all your friends the opportunity to check it out and if they want to pass it onto their friends.

Take part in a Charity Event

Do a search for events local to you or check out the charities FAcebook page, if you can't find an event that suits you why not organise your own on behalf of a non-profit? Don't forget to let the one you choose know so they can offer you some advice about successful events.

Send a Charity Gift

You known when it's your friends birthday? Why not send a Charity Gift using Facebook's birthday app, when you visit a friends page around their birthday you will get an option to send a charity gift. It will cost you a small amount of money but the charity will receive it as a donation. A great way to say Happy Birthday and I support great causes.