facebook_128New product feature from Facebook, Community Pages basically they are Brand Fan Pages but for community causes.

The main problem with Facebook pages was that anyone could setup a Coca  Cola or other brand term page to protest or raise awareness or just have a general gripe.

Over time that meant that some big Brands could find a user created page had more power than their own brands page they operate, usually this happens when a brand does something wrong and Facebook users react in protest.

So now Facebook gives a way to separate out the Brands from the Community pages, good idea and it will be interesting to see what impact this makes on the Facebook search when you type in Brand Keywords.

One assumes that a Brand Page will surface higher in results than a community page with the same term.

Facebook also notes that once a community page receives enough Fans the page will be turned over to that community of fans to operate the page... yes I have no idea what that really means either and Facebook give no indication at this time of what the threshold is, I'm willing to bet its 10,000 though in lone with the verification requirement on Brand Pages.