A friend of mine was asking me about accessories for the new iPhone 4 so I thought I would take a look around and see what Apple iPhone 4 Accessories I could find.

So far it's thin on the ground, Screen protectors, and cases shaped to fit the iPhone 4, its thinner than previous iPhones so unless you want your new phone slipping out of the case your going to need a new case or a solid screen protector.

The new device is made of toughed glass and a metal band to give it strength but I'm not willing to bet it will survive a drop from waist height without something to soften the impact.

If you a keys in pocket or bag with your phone a screen protector is a must, even though the screen uses a scratch resistant surface it's still possible to scratch the top coating (much to my sadness) keys being the culprit in my case.

Oh well at least cases come in lots of nice colours the new iPhone sticks with the drab and boring we have come to expect from Apple.