I often forget how important it is to keep my anti-virus software uptodate and just as importantly to update the version of the software I am are using as well. Viruses change all the time and Anti-virus creators have to constantly evolve how their software works to keep up with the virus authors.

I found this site the other day Antivirus Reviews that gives a review of all the leading Anti-virus solutions on the market and also does a bit on in depth analysis of each programs strengths and weaknesses.

Especially useful are the speed tests which help to make it a little easier to judge which product is right for you, no one wants scans to take hours when they could take a fraction of that time.

Don't take risks with your system update your Anti-virus  every week or leave it on auto update and make sure to upgrade to a new major version each year.

My top tips for avoiding virus are:

  • Never open .exe files sent to you via email or social network
  • If you get an unexpected popup asking you to install ANYTHING close the window and run a scan
  • Update your Anti-virus every week
  • Beware of links from friends that offer you freebies, competitions or IQ tests