I don’t know about you but I find it a real pain to have to keep going round to friends houses to fix what ever problem they are having with their computer and don’t get me started on relatives.

That’s why I use remote access software to allow me to access my friends and relatives computers to quickly and easily see what they are seeing. I can interact with their mouse and keyboard just as if I was sitting right next to them, fixing PC problems has become a snap no more trying to get descriptions of the problems now I can really see what they are seeing and get right to work fixing it.

To access a single PC costs $4.95 a month of if you need to access loads more multi access plans start from just $49.95 a month for up to 25 computers.

Being able to take direct control of a computer has really helped me save time and hassle and personally I think it’s given my friends a less stressful time of having to explain to me what they have done this time

Can’t help if they kick the power cable out though :-)